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Is There An Alternative To Gearbox To Edit Pod X3?

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With the problem running the latest Mac Pod X3 driver and Gearbox and when using an older driver there is the "show next time" issue for the manual which displays every time even when unticked. Is there an alternative software to edit Pod X3?



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this worked for some users.... 



To remove driver 7.3.6

1- On a terminal run this command   sudo pkgutil --forget com.line6.driver.xtaudio.package (enter)

2- Then this sudo pkgutil --forget com.line6.driver.xtmidi.package (enter)

3- Reboot

To install driver 7.2.9

4- Downloaded driver version 7.2.9  http://line6.com/sof...a.html?rid=5675

5- Run the 7.2.9 driver package to install it and ended the process with a reboot

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