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My spider v MK1 is not updating the 2.0 update using the spider remote app


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I have been trying to update my mk 1 spider v with the 2.0 update using the remote app and it just does not work!!!!!!!! It keeps coming up it has been successfully downloaded but then the screen just has a spinning waiting circle. I am using am Android phone with the app any help appreciated maybe I'm just missing something very simple 

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You can't update the firmware with the remote app. You need the "updater" tool. Use a PC or Mac.

Down the tool from here:


It's on the right side of the screen.




If you are trying to update the remote app itself, perhaps try removing the old app first, reboot your device, and re-install from the app store.


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I'm using the updater but I keep getting an error occurred message. I'm using google to download the updator, v 1.18. I start the updater, it sees my V240HC at v1.03, it starts the update. It goes to a "generating post update message" and then it says an error occurred and to try and unplug and replug the usb cable. I did that, I tried the lower version updates first, I tried downloading the update and using the updater in offline mode. 


Any ideas?

Thanks, Brian

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