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Helix pre-purchase question

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So I'm really close to taking the plunge into the Helix world.  Partly what accelerated this decision was that I decided to upgrade the firmware on my HD500 and it totally failed, had to wipe my presets and ultimately when I was able to load a few back they sounded different and I was getting weird crackling here and there.  To be fair, I haven't sat down and tried to recreate patches as I haven't done that in a LONG time and really have no desire to go through that process with the HD500 as I'm not a fan of the editor.  What I'd like to know is whether it's possible to route a dry signal into my DAW ( Reaper ) then have that fed back into the Helix for the purpose of editing patches.  I'm hoping this is possible as sometimes it's easier for me to hear what the settings are doing while a signal is being passed through as opposed to having to play for a minute, stop and adjust a setting, play again, then stop adjust again, then play ( rinse and repeat ).  


I know the Helix has pretty flexible routing options.  Has anyone used a method similar to this when building patches?  If so can you elaborate on the routing that you used to achieve this?


FYI - the dragon I'm chasing is a solid modern rock rhythm tone - one that's meaty but not flubby on the bottom, has a well defined mid range but not nasally and isn't too soda fizzy on the high end.  Think Red, Breaking Benjamin, etc.  I'm interested to try the Archeon model and pair it with some Ownhammer IR's.  


Many thanks!

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A simple way to do this is to utilize the looper function and play a loop and then make your adjustments while the loop is playing. Not sure about the DAW routing a dry signal.

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