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Setup Helix to use FRFR and studio monitor with DAW

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Maybe a stupid question but never used studio monitors before. I usually connect my laptop with Studio One 4 prime DAW via USB to the Helix and the Helix is connect via XLR to a Friedman FRFR guitar look a like cab.


It works fine, everything played on the laptop is sound-displayed on the Friedman. I am also able to play over sounds coming of the laptop like music from YouTube. Great when I practice. But the sound of the laptop is mutated by the presets used in the Helix. If I use a lot of fuzz in a helix preset, the sound of the laptop will also get some distorted sound even if the guitar is fully volumes down. 


So this is for me not the option to produce music with the sounds through Helix on the Friedman. To solve this I would like to buy two studio monitors. Then I would like to send sounds from the DAW to the studio monitors to record and still use the Helix with FRFR to play and record guitar. 


Is this possible in Studio One 4? I use now the Helix as audio Asio interface and a Windows 10 laptop. 

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With Helix connected to the computer via USB, you go into globals and set USB 1/2 Destination to the output you want the non-effected sound to be sent to. You set the computer to use Helix as it's soundcard. The sound from the computer (YT, DAW, whatever) is now separate from the effected guitar sound.

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