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Helix LT Volume Boost

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Hey what’s up! I’m brand new to the Helix family and purchased myself a Helix LT. As we all know, in a real amp situation, putting an OD in the Loop gives you a volume boost. I’m trying to create the same type of volume boost using only the Helix LT. How can I achieve this? I have no idea how to make an FX Loop given the signal chain within the Helix LT and/or how to get any type of volume boost without altering the tone I’ve already created. Any help with this will be GREATLY appreciated. I’m running my LT straight into the board, so no amps of any kind are being used. Strictly the Helix LT and it’s on board tones. 

Thank you!

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Set up a Stomp switch to increase the Output Block level:


Click the Output Block

Right click the LEVEL slider

Assign a footswitch

Click "Bypass/Controller Assign"

Highlight the Output/Level/Footswitch selection

Set MIN to the level you want when the Footswitch is OFF (normal volume level)

Set MAX to your desired boosted level - Footswitch ON



Other ways:


Stomp Switch assigned Clean Boost, Gain Block or level boosted EQ at the end of the signal chain, directly before the Output Block.


Here's an example of 3 ways to do it.

Boost Example.hlx

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