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Just bought a Helix LT - first questions / first impressons - Switched from a tube setup

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Quick backstory:


Had a tube amp - EVH 5150 III with a 212 Hesu cab and a pretty nice pedalboard. Sold it because I don't want to do bands and gigs for a while - I rather focus on my music, alone.

So the tube amp had to go.


I was either going to buy a Kemper or the Fractal, because "Line 6 can't do metal well", according to some folks on the internet, but something told me to hear it for myself.

I ended up buying a Helix. I did a LOT of research before buying it though - I saw presets being made, IRs being loaded, how to mess with global settings. In less than an hour after I unpacked it I created a great modern 7 string tone (Had to use external IRs - ML Sound Lab MEGA oversize pack). It rips. This goes out to everybody who's looking for a modern-proggy-and-quiety solution. Buy the Helix.

Oh, and I just want to mention that I was VERY dissapointed with it for the first 10 minutes. I was like "Did I just buy a POD FARM 2.5?". Turned out High a low cuts at IR blocks are the key. I started with 80 Hz for lows and 14k for high with my 7 string. What cut ranges do you guys recommend?



I have just one question. Now i don't plan on using it anytime soon, but how the hell do I "unblock" the expression pedal? It's still, stiff. Can't move it at all. I found some kind of allen wrench. How do I proceed?


Thank you!


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I set high and low cuts unique to each patch.  That's because each guitar, amp, cab/IR, mic, mic placement and mic mix are going to be major factors in the overall tone.  So until all those things are settled I really don't look much at the high and low cuts and just place them at the end of my signal chain for the final tweak that sounds best in each situation.  Low cuts will generally be 100hz to as high as 140hz, and high cuts range from 8khz to 10khz.  But I don't have near the problem most people have as I always have a mix of MD421 and R121 for my cabinet mics which reduces the need for aggressive EQ adjustments generally.

If you look underneath the expression pedal you'll see where the allen wrench goes to adjust the tension on the pedal.  I never adjusted it at all on either of my Helix floor units.  I just let them break in naturally, but then I'm not a big user of wahs and such.

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