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Helix Native number of blocks/DSP limit

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Hi, I'm a new guy here at Line6 forum

I was considering to buy an HX Stomp for my home-studio only for recording purposes (no gigging or rehearsal), but I discovered that it can run up to 6 blocks. Considering that 2 block will be ever occupied by Amp and IR, 4 blocks remain.

Overdrive/Distortion, modulation, delay, maybe a rotary effect as a second modulation...

This could be my effects chain, but I couldn't add a simple EQ, or a compressor, nor a reverb. This could be frustratring sometimes.



So I wondered if the Helix Native plugin could be a better option. What is the maximum number of blocks on Helix Native?

I don't need fancy effects like synth, envelope filter or pitch wah.

Comp, overdrive/dist/fuzz, modulation, delay, reverb, rotary (sometimes), EQ, amp, cab (IR).

This is all I need.


Do you think that the Helix Native can run this effects chain into my USB audio interface?

Does the plugin have a DSP limit, similarly to physical counterparts (Helix, Helix LT, HX Stomp)?

Thanks to all

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The latest version of Helix Native has an option to disengage hardware compatibility... this means you will not run out of resources, providing your computer can handle it. 


Total # of Blocks = 32

This is split into 4 paths of 8 blocks each


There are two primary paths.... and each primary has a parallel path. If you don't need any parallel effects you can create a larger serial chain... which is how you can ultimately end up with 32 effects. 

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