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Global EQ and music from usb


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Hi everyone,

I have a HelixLT connected to the computer via USB (to listen to the backing tracks) and two monitor speakers connected to the Helix via the 1/4" left and right ports.

I can't understand why if I activate the Global EQ this doesn't even affect on music from my computer.

Is it normal?

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As the guru mentions above - I agree I would not want my eq to effect any others sounds but my Helix that would not be ideal


Download APO EQ for EQing - youtube - mp3's etc. on your pc if you have one - mac thats a problem - this program is only for a pc and its excellent especially for free

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11 hours ago, rsvette12 said:

mac thats a problem


Not a problem on a Mac - if you use iTunes for playing your backing tracks, it has a graphic equaliser built in, should you wish to use it.


Although, you must be in a pretty bad listening environment if you feel it necessary to heavily EQ pre-recorded (bought) material. The studio and mastering engineer will have worked their magic on the audio before you get to mess with it.

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