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Warbling when palm muting on drop tunings

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I've noticed that when I use a drop tuning on the Alt Tunings if I palm mute on strings higher than the low E it makes an odd warbling sound. I updated the firmware but that seems to make no change.


I have seen from other posts this could be a setup issue, but they were having problems with all the alt tunings. When I use a standard tuning so all the strings are dropped evenly it works fine, it's just drop tunings that act weird. 


I have debated removing the non-Variax pickup as I never use it anyway (my rig is Shuriken Variax Sr270 into a Helix Floor), but I wanna check to see if I can fix this problem without.


I tune the guitar to D standard physically. 

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Tuning has to be spot on, intonation has to be spot on, and the set-up has to be spot on,... including

the distance between the pick-up and the strings.


Warbling is a result of the pick-up height adjustment. Alt Tune brings out the pitch difference, and also

brings out the warbling more.


Also be aware of "dual tone effect", where one hears both the sound from the guitar (standard tune),

while hearing the amplified sound in Alt Tune,... which can also contribute to a warbling effect. And palm

muting not applied evenly, allowing un-muted strings to ring, can contribute as well.


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