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Not Really A Feature Request But...

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... I would like guitar CAB simulation on the M20d! 

In fact, being a Line6 product, it's even strange it doesn't have it.  :rolleyes:  :P 


I've been recording a lot with this amazing thing. Recording every rehearsal and send to band members for home study makes such an incredible difference in the progress of the band! B)  


Every time I'm micing the guitar amp I'm thinking, "I'm using a line6 product and I have to mice guitars???" LOL It's even a bit ironic isn't it?  ;)


I don't like amp modeling. I always prefer to use real amps. And, in a real big live gig or quality recording, I would always mic the cab.

But for this quick rehearsal  recordings it would make sense that a line6 product would make super easier to record guitars. Like take just the amp's line out or FX-send and simulate the cab on the board... 

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