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Ever stack 2 HX Effects?


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Curious if anyone has ever stacked two HX Effects and then controlled the effects of the 2nd unit via midi from the 1st unit?


For me, once I’ve got what I consider to be the infrastructure (underlined) of my signal flow set up I’m left with only enough open slots for 3 effects.  Yes, I have a couple more FX in FX Loop 2, but there’s so many more to take advantage of within the HX Effects.


4CM: WahHard gate -  FX loop 1 - FX Loop 2 - Chorus - Phaser - Flange - Looper - Volume pedal  

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If you really want to keep it modular... adding a 2nd HX Effects will work and yes you can control it with the first one...

If you wanted to mix it up a little, you could add an HX Stomp which would give you some different options and it would also work.... 




On 9/2/2019 at 2:36 PM, foxmeister said:

wouldn't you be better off with a Helix LT?


^^^ This ^^^

  • 2 HX Effects... 18 blocks total w/2 processors and 2 power supplies
  • 1 HX Effect + 1 HX Stomp ..... 15 blocks total w/2 processors and 2 power supplies
  • Helix LT.... 32 Blocks Total w/2 processors, no power supply required... just a standard power cord.

For the cost of 2 HX Effects (or 1 HX Effects and 1 Stomp) you can have a Helix LT. All in one... more switches, build in expression, no midi required.... no muss, no fuss.

If you don't need the amp models, don't use them. I know a few guitarists that use the Helix for effects and routing... there is no harm/shame in that. 



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On 9/14/2019 at 8:57 AM, klasi said:

Thanks.  I didn't realize I could get 32 blocks from a Helix LT.


Absolutely. You will be limited to routing and DSP limits... but there are 32 blocks available. In the studio I'll create more complex paths with stereo and parallel options... I'll hit DSP limits long before I use up the blocks. My live presets however are just one long serial path that I keep in mono... I can get a lot more blocks loaded in those for quick options via snapshots & stomps.  

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