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Input impedancia


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I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure I've read that when it is set to auto the impedance is set by the first "on" effect in the chain. This would make for a very natural setup as you engage/disengage effects. 


EG: Guitar > Fuzz > Wah > Amp

In that simple chain, normally the guitar would see the impedance of the amp... but when you engage one of the other effects the impedance will change accordingly as it would with the real pedals. 


The option to override that with a fixed value is great for those that used to run a buffer at the front of their pedal boards or an "always on pedal" that would keep the guitar isolated from the rest of the effects. The guitar will always react to the fixed value regardless of the effects that follow. 


FWIW I come from the later camp and prefer a fixed setting for consistency... but with some vintage effects (fuzz, wah, etc... etc... ), that take over of impedance (when first in chain) was part of the magic that makes them work at their best. 



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