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I wish to clarify my problem

I have the problem with knob “preset”. There are 16 mods ( BASS, ACOUSTIC,CLEAN1/2, CHIME1/2, CRUNCH1/2, CHUNK1/2, INSANE1/2, VIBE1/2, AMBIENT1/2), but in fact I have only four( it doesn’t match the settings which I had after buying it).

If I connect my spider 6 to my PC to set it, everything is correct. What should I do to fix it?

I see this values on my switch “spider v20” on the “spider v remote”:








AMBIENT=ambient1:black hole

When I click “f2+f3+save” it doesn’t return to factory settings.
( When I need to click “f2+f3+save”? Do I need to press “f2+f3+save” when “spider 5” is turned on or "Power+F2+F3 and Save”?)

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I get what you're saying.  The presets that are saved to the amp don't match the knob for the amp. So if you select "clean" on the amp it does NOT choose the clean preset. 


If the PC program still shows the preset though, this is an easy fix. Simple load that preset and save it to the amp. 


I don't have it with me right now so I can't walk you through it, but maybe later I can take a look. 

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I have decided my problem


Previosly I used pc windows 7 (with spider remote) + cable (usb type A - usb micro B) + Spider V20. I have had problems with this set up which I have tall earlier.


How I solved problem:


iPhone (with Spider Remote for IOS) + cable (Apple USB Camera Connection Kit) + cable (USB type A - USB micro B) + Spider V20. After this setup all settigs оn the switch "Preset" had returned (the same as in the manual)


Please, soft developers for line 6 pay attention

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I have a couple of questions related to the Line 6 Spider v20 amp.  I really enjoy the the setting/preset on the 20V amp called 3A Chunk 1. I recently purchased a line 6 Spider V 60 amp.  I can't seem to find this same setting/preset on the V 60 amp.  Is called the "Big Bottom?" If so, is there any other things that I need to do to get this sound. Such as: cabinet type or amp settings? The other question. I want to record music using my 20V amp into my apple i phone.  Is the usb input called mini USB B Connector?  Also, do i need a female side to connect to my phone.  Thank you for your time.


F.R. "El Capitan" Montalvo

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