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POD HD 500 X doesn't apperas in monkey


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Sorry for my english I'm French


So, impossible to connect my HD 500 X to my computer via MONKEY


I can't select HD500 in monkey, it doesn't appered 


In fact I would like to dowload new tons but impossible, my computer doesn't support the extension " 5WE " 


I 've downloded  " line 6 updater " as well and the registration of my produit is done .


Can you help me please ?


Thank you



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Thanks for your response.


In fact I would like to arrive properly into the interface whith permit me to make arrangements whith banks .


It' s very complicated to use this kind of effet, no proper translation into french and it's a little bit hard to understand technic words 

in English




I'll try again ... and again ....

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I really would like to see the POd interface on my computer, please find enclosed a capture of my computer, everythings seem to be ok 


(One picture is what I see in my computer, the second one is what I hope to see )


Many thanks 

and then..PNG

what I hope.jpg

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Thank you for your come back 


All in all, I could have the interface ( picture n° 2 ) but I stold my hairs ..... ( smile )


It's very interesting whith that and more confortable white the correct application.


However, I still have a problem because I can't download sounds ' paterns 



My computer, finally recognezes 5ex extention, but I don't understand how I can registre that into the POD ?


Do you know how ?


Many thanks, 


See you and sorry for my english 


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I have only looked at custom tone once or twice over the years.... but the process should be straight forward. 


1: Go to Custom Tone and download a preset you want. Remember where you save the preset on the computer.

2: Connect your HD500 to the computer and open HD Edit

3: Edit should recognize the HD500 and you should see it load the presets from the unit

4: Find a place you want to load the new preset (you will likely have to overwrite something) and double click it

5: IMPORT the preset you downloaded in step one to that location and "send it to the HD500".
NOTE: If you don't "send it to the HD500", it will only be temporarily loaded to hear it then when you restart the HD it will be tone.



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Thanks for your come back


That's what I've done ... I think ?


AS weel, I don't reach to download the tones I make ( using double click for exemple ) and save the sounds ??


Do I have to enter directly whith the POD , presssing " SAVE " ? that's is what I'm thinking about just right now ? 


Have a nice day or everning, I don't know if it's night or day where you're living 


See you 

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At the Upper Left corner of edit is "send & receive" boxes....

  1. The patch you load or edit will be in "italic text"...
  2. Highlight that patch (click on it once), then under SEND press "selected"
  3. It will then be saved to your HD500

I hope I understood the problem. 


10 hours ago, fafa50 said:

Have a nice day or everning, I don't know if it's night or day where you're living 


I am in Canada :) 

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