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cant update 2.81


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36 minutes ago, Marianobunge said:

hello there. ive been trying updating the firm of my helix as usual, said an error ocur and now its useless, it wont come back to the 2.71 wich i had. Pleas any suggestion? what shoud i do!

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3 hours ago, Marianobunge said:

ive been trying updating the firm of my helix as usual,


There is nothing "as usual" about updating to 2.8 (or 2.81) from the earlier versions. 

There are comprehensive instructions on how to do it.... did you read those?


3 hours ago, Marianobunge said:

said an error ocur and now its useless


Did the error state "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!"

If so... that was also part of the install process and is clearly laid out in the instructions. 


If that looks familiar, then this is how you recover....

  • Turn off the Helix
  • Download the latest HX Edit (2.81) and install it
  • When you get to the options section of the install... LEAVE THEM ALL CHECKED. That is safer than unchecking something you need in error. 
  • DO NOT Open HX Edit after it installs... if it is open it will interfere with the updater. 
  • Start the Helix with FS6 and FS12 pressed (this will force the Helix into update mode)
  • Now start the LINE 6 Updater and it should guide you through a successful update. 
  • TIP: Pay attention to the messages on the computer screen, not on the Helix itself!
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6 hours ago, Marianobunge said:

Pleas any suggestion? what shoud i do!


Well, the entire internet has been alive with this since the release of v2.8 in July, so you obviously never bothered to check before posting here. Also you don’t appear to have bothered looking through the large amounts of posts on here. Also you expect to get help without stating what computer and operating system you are using. Actually I must be psychic because I’m going to guess that you are using a PC with Windows.


The new firmware and subsequent v2.81.0 release came with lots of very detailed installation instructions/release notes. It seems that almost every problem with the update was a result of certain users failing to read those instructions.


Luckily for you, and everyone else who ignored the notes, this is not fatal and it can be fixed and if you still can’t get it to work after reading these replies you can always roll back to v2.7 


So when you named this thread “Can’t update 2.81” my suggestion is, yes you can - you just need to read the instructions.


Good luck.


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