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Delay in-between amp and cab blocks?


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I was thinking that this would be the closest thing we have available to using an effects loop in the amp itself.  Anyone ever experimented with the delays to see how they respond in this position in the chain?  


I may have to set up a little experiment later on tonight. hmmmmm

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Not sure why youd want to do that. The best place for a delay is after the speaker. Running it in the fx loop of a traditional guitar rig is a bit of a compromise. The main reason people put it in their fx loop (on a traditional guitar amp) is to avoid the extra effort that goes with placing it after the speaker.


Placing it pre cab, youre not really gaining anything.

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2 hours ago, Heavyville said:

Put it all over the place, go for it, I dare you.    It won't break.   

I purposely put FX all over the place just to see what sounds it creates.  the glory of the helix and this technology..... nothing breaks. 



True enough man.  


That is one of the best things about the Helix... You can try out different effects in different places and levels and such super easily.  In real life with real pedals and amps, a lot of the stuff you can do on a Helix with the touch of a button would be a colossal bit of effort.

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