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Eq-ing for Digitech Drop in Helix


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Hi all,

I have been using a Digitech Drop as first pedal before my Helix LT for a while now. It works ok, but I can indeed hear a slight tone loss if I drop by 1 step or more -- my crunch tone (based on plexi) is less punchy and lacks high end. We have a dense mix in the band (2 guitars + keyboards), so most of the time this is not very noticeable. However, this can be clearly heard when I play chords while all other instruments are silent (think of the beginning of Bryan Adam's "It's only love"). Do you have any tips about how to eq my patches in order to adjust the tone to compensate for the Drop? (I usually use a Minotaur + low gain plexi for base crunch tone, then a combination of OCD pre-amp slight boost, increased amp gain, and post-cab Cali eq for low-cut and mid- and level boost for leads). Thanks!

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