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Spider V 30 for practice.


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I just sold my Spider V 60 last year. So sad that I just heard Line 6 launch new firmware to upgrade its sound.

Anyway, I have an issue with my Spider V 60 caused it's too loud, and I can't play too loud.

Anyone here used Spider V30 and already upgraded new firmware?

Does it sound good when play at the low volume?

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All of the Spiders should sound pretty good at low volume, but if you didn't like it before . . .eh . . . you might not now. However, perhaps with the new firmware update it'll win you over.


I have to say this though, in many ways, it's just not POSSIBLE to have it feel right at too low of volumes. I've tried to play certain styles of music with heavy distortion, etc., and no matter how well it's reproduced on the speaker something about it just feels off. 


That's not the fault of the device though. That's the wonkiness that is my brain. 

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