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M9 Exp Pedal Midi Out


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Hi all

My rig guitar rig includes a whammy, boss distortion and boss phase pedal running into a POD XT, running stereo into an M9 and out to the FoH. I use an FBV express to control my Wah/Volume and swap between amps etc.


I've been experimenting with using the phase shifter and distortions on the POD preamp and want to use those instead of the pedals. Since I'm not using Exp inputs on the M9 would it be possible to attach two standard latching footswitches and send them through the M9 via MIDI to turn on and off the stomp and modulation FX on the POD.


I can see how to get the POD to respond and which CC commands to use, but can't work out how to send the MIDI from the M9 and how to set the CC commands of the Exp inputs. Is this plan even possible? Ta

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The M9's expression pedal inputs are controlled by CC#1 and CC#2, and they send messages on the commands when you have expression pedals attached and rock them back and forth. I don't know if you could get those inputs to respond to latching footswitches or not. You could try. As far as getting those CC messages to the POD, neither the M9 nor the POD have programmable MIDI maps, so there's probably a very good chance that they won't line up like you want them to.

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