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Is My Fbv Longboard Useless For This?

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Another thing you can do is buy the cheapest used Line 6 product with a FBV input and midi jacks (such as a block logo Pod 2.0 or XT), and use it as a FBV to midi converter.  Most all Line 6 products with midi jacks and FBV input will output midi messages according to what function is selected on the FBV board.  You can often buy used Pod XT's for approximately $70, and pod 2.0's for a bit less on ebay or Guitar Center.


I have tried this with a FBV Express and Pod 2.0 and XT, however I am not sure if all functions on the FBV Shortboard will be translated by the Pod 2.0.


Here's another product that might work, a company called Disaster Area Designs is working on a USB class compliant midi to 5 pin midi converter.  It isn't released yet apparently, but it might be the perfect box to convert the shortboard USB to 5 pin midi.

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I bought a Line 6 Spider 210 (original, red face plate) and my bro in law gave me his old FBV Shortboard. Nothing happens when I plug in with an RJ45, tried multiple that I know work.


After all the reading I found that my amp is just to old. My question is: is there a way to "make" it work?


Thanks in advance...



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The FBV Longboard will work to control most functions on the Spider IV and V MKII.  Volume pedal and wah, banks and channels, AMP, reverb, modulation, delay, tap tempo.  I'm still seeing what I can do more with the Spider V as it does have USB.  The Longboard is not totally obsolete.

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