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Problem : HX Effects Wet/Dry with an FX Loop


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Hello Helix and HX wizards,


I am trying to run a Wet/Dry rig with (my two amps and) my HX Effects.


The "twist" is that I need an FX loop, with this additional element I can't figure out how to make it work without running into some phase issues...


Any help ? :)


Thanks !

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How about more details about what amps you are using, and what they have.  What is it you want to acomplish?


With only two amps, wouldn't you want to run stereo with delay and reverbs creating a nice wash in the left and right with the dry signal in the center of both?

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Ok so two amps : Fender Bassbreaker and Fender Super Champ.


I am using some drive pedals before the HX and a few pedals in an fx loop.


I want to split my signal, add effects, and have the FX loop only in one amp.


The way I made it work gave me some nasty out phase sounds on one amp, or some weird feedback noise because I am using Send 1 for my FX loop...

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How about this


Create two separate paths on the HX with one dedicated to each path.


Your cabling can be as follows


Amp 1 - (the one you want to use the FX loop on)


Cabling: Guitar in --> HX guitar input --> HX FX Send 1 --> Amp1 Guitar in --> Amp1 FX Loop Send --> HX FX Return 1--> HX Left Out --> Amp1 FX Return


Path 1 in HX FX : Input guitar --> add pre FX loop effects -> FX loop 1 block --> Post loop effects --> Output to 1/4 inch


Amp 2 - (Dry amp)


Cabling: HX FX Loop Send 2 --> Amp2 Guitar in


Path 2 in HX FX : Input Guitar --> drive pedals on HX --> Output to Send 2 on 


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