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Importing IRs to the Stomp


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41 minutes ago, sami568 said:

My understanding is that the Stomp cannot be used to create an IR - Right?   So, is it then possible to import an IR into a Stomp that was originally created on and AxeFxIII?


Generally speaking, most IRs are compatible with multiple devices. However, my understanding is the Axe FX uses a proprietary format when it creates an IR that the HX Stomp won't be able to read. 


Perhaps someone who owns both devices will read this and can clarify in more detail. 

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But if you have an Axe FX and a DAW available you can send an impulse to the Axe FX (with the required IR loaded) and record that. Cut the file to the proper lenght, normalize it to -0.3 DB and make a wave file. You can import that file into the Stomp.

I did that with Aura pedals and the ToneDexter. It's quite easy. You can make an IR of any hardware this way. You can even EQ that recorded IR before rendering, but take care to not clip the file!

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