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Need help on Line 6 Amplifi FX100 device

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Whenever i start my Amplifi FX100, the "D" switch isn't working, neither the Red LED or the contact that turns On the effect in the "D" slot. 


Also, there are two White LEDs in the Master Volume(right above the "D" switch) when im tunning the guitar, which don't show up lit.


I have performed a factory reset on the device, but it still didn't fix anything.


When i try to calibrate the pedal after the factory reset, the Red LED on the "D" switch button lights up, but whenever i click the button, it doesn't register as a "click" to proceed with the process .


The device has worked perfectly for two years without any problems, until this incident with the "D" switch button happened.


Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?


Thanks in advance.

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