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Can o run a monitor mix into HX Stomp?


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I haven't been able to get a clear answer or find a video about this topic so please forgive me if this has been covered. I'm wondering if I can run a monitor mix into my HX Stomp and hear the mix through headphones? 
I use one block in my chain as an effects loop to run two of my favorite overdrive pedals, then I run delay and reverb blocks. That small chain goes into the front of a mic'd up amp. That leaves me with three blocks left. The way our band at church is arranged means I'm right next to a drum kit that leaves me deaf in my left ear while we play. We use wedges on the platform so all the sound kind of washes together. I want to save my hearing by wearing headphones as an IEM. 
Is there a way for my sound man to run a mix into my HX Stomp and it only come out through headphones? How would I set up my Stomp if this is possible?     


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You probably haven't gotten many answers because it's not a common request.


If you created a dual path, and on that second path put an "FX Return Right" block, you could then plug the mix into the "Return/Aux In - Right" port. 


From there, the challenge becomes how to hear it. If you move the split path block to the farthest left it will go on the HX Stomp, and hard pan the A and B paths hard right and left, and then at the very end mix the two paths BACK together but again hard pan them right and left, you might be able to plug into the Stomp's "Output - Right" and hear it that way.  Some caveats:


1. It might only come in one ear and drive you nuts. 

2. This is a complicated cluster of a setup and I could very easily be missing some fine detail that blows it all to hell. My experiments with dual instruments through the Stomp seem to indicate this could work, but I have no way to test it. 


Alternate idea:


While you lose the ability to activate the beloved overdrives with one button press (by activating the FX loop), why not just put the overdrives IN FRONT OF the Stomp?  


That does a few things for you.  One, it frees up yet another one of the Stomp's precious blocks, and two, it frees up the Stomp's FX loop.


With the loop free, it's far easier to do what it is you want. Here it should work if:


1. Split the paths again as before, but this time at the split send all of the signal to Path A with none going to Path B. 

2. In Path B place a "Return/Aux In L/Mono" FX block at the start of Path B. 

3. Instead of having Path B recombine with path A, send it out of the Stomp's "Send Stereo."

4. In the Stomp's internal global controls, set the headphones to monitor the Stomp's "Send Stereo" port instead of the "Main L/R."

5. Have your sound guy plug the mix into the "Return/Aux In L/Mono."


Doing it this way should allow you to hear the mix as you want to, and you'll have more blocks to play with. 

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17 hours ago, richrdgarcia said:

Is there a way for my sound man to run a mix into my HX Stomp and it only come out through headphones? How would I set up my Stomp if this is possible?     


DISCLAIMER: I do not own a stomp. I believe there are TWO Sends and TWO Returns, but they are labelled L/R instead of 1/2 like the other HX devices. I see they also label one...potentially as a AUX return.  I am assuming each send and return/aux can be inserted as blocks independently.  If I am wrong in this assumption then my suggestions below may not work. 


I also know that the L/R Sends share a single TRS output... you will need a splitter (Stereo (TRS) > 2 Mono (TS)) in order to send each send to a different direction. 

Now on to my suggestion :) 


You say you have 3 blocks left... and that you only used 1 effects loop.

That should leave one "send/return" pair available... so this is how I would approach it. This will all be done on a single path... keeping it really simple. 


The trick it to rid yourself of the notion that the Stomps "output" has to be used for the amp. Remember, a SEND is just another output that you can insert anywhere you need it. 

  1. Insert the remaining SEND block after your last effect. SEND that signal to the amp and set the "dry thru" so no signal continues down the path toward the output. 
  2. Insert the remaining RETURN block after that.... have the monitor mix fed to this return
  3. With one more spare block... optionally you could even add a reverb, EQ, or compressor after the return if you want to sweeten the monitor mix a little.  
  4. The result.... the monitor mix (return 2) should be the only signal reaching the headphone output.

Here's another trick you could use to make use of the last spare block mentioned in  #3 above....

  • Move that spare block in front of the return
  • Insert an amp block... or if you don't have the DSP power, insert a cabinet block of choice.
  • Turn up the dry thru from your send block to allow your guitar signal to continue on to the amp sim. 
  • This will not effect the tone you send your amp, but it will give you an amp sim in the Stomp that you can BLEND with the monitor return.
  • To adjust the amount of guitar in the headphones.... simply adjust the MIX control in the return block
  • NOTE: This option is very handy if there isn't enough monitor mixes to allow you to get the guitar level you want/need in the monitors. You will hear the amp sim in the headphones, the FOH still gets your mice'd up amp. 
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