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HX Stomp - Where have you been all my life?!!!!


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I just got my Stomp today and I LOVE IT!  Wow!  The amp models are tremendous!!!!  I had been worried about the limited DSP but I have not reached any limitations with ANY of my settings.  Sounds great with jazz or blues or whatever....  The effects are great - especially the drive pedals and modulation effects.  They sound great as they pop up with very little tweaking.  There are only two things I have found that I dont like:  1) All of the EQs available seem to cheapen the sound - I use a bit of EQ on my clean sounds to fatten the tube amps a bit - but when I use them on my archtop jazz guitar that has an acoustic component I hear a plasticy sort of sound introduced by the EQ    2) This is pretty minor - but I wish the editor would allow parameters to be reset to zero with a double click.  My thanks to the forum people here for answering my preliminary questions!  I am sure I will be back with something, but it is so easy to operate it seems totally intuitive now that I have it.  

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Glad to hear you're liking it. I think it's a pretty marvelous little device. The only problem with it is it always makes me dream a bit after the full sized units. 


I haven't run into any problems with the EQs . . .I'm actually pretty impressed with them, but I guess to each their own. The nice thing about the Stomp though is if there is some component about it you don't like you can always go back the traditional route and buy a pedal, and good EQ pedals aren't TOO pricey. 



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54 minutes ago, sami568 said:

2) This is pretty minor - but I wish the editor would allow parameters to be reset to zero with a double click. 


I am pretty sure you just press the letter "d" to reset a value to it's default. 


There is a list of HX Edit shortcuts starting on page 28 of this HX Edit guide.

https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3f991d5a1de0bc033cb/application/pdf/HX Edit Pilot.pdf 


It may not be 100% accurate as it's a 2.3 guide and HX Edit is now 2.8x... but it might help a little. 

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