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Command Center/Snapshot Question


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Hi folks,


I'm trying to wrap my head around Command Center and snapshots.  I want to sync a Boss rc-202 looper with my Akai Force.  I want to setup Helix Command center so that snapshot 1 sends midi CC to the looper, and snapshot 2 sends the same midi CC to start playback of the loop, but also sends an MMC play message to the Akai Force at the same time (force doesn't respond to midi).  Can I do this with instant access switches on 2 different snapshots?  I need midi breakout cables which I don't have, so I cannot test.  Just hoping, in theory anyway, this is possible.  I can't seem to get it working using midi-ox to capture the messages.  Thanks for any advice/guidance.

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Just the person I was hoping to talk to, rd2rk I appreciate the response.  I will try and explain it better.  My potential looping rig consists of the following.

  1. Helix LT
  2. Akai Force
  3. Boss rc-202 looper

I want the rc-202 to be controlled by the Helix.  The same midi CC that starts recording a loop, also starts playback/overdub of the loop.  So the switch is pressed, loop starts recording,  the loop button is pushed a second time, completing and starting playback/overdub of the loop, and the rc-202 will send a midi clock start message, and transmit midi clock to the Akai Force via midi cable.  The Akai Force will listen for an incoming clock signal, but it will not "play" it's sequencer because it will not respond to the midi clock start message.  It will only start if it receives an MMC Play message, which Helix can send.  So my question is, if say midi cc#80 is sent after engaging snapshot 1, can snapshot 2 send the same midi CC#80, but additionally send an MMC Play message, so that the Akai Force sequencer starts, and receives midi clock from the rc-202?  This would give me a nice tight sync between the looper and sequencer.  Sad part is both the Helix and Akai have built in loopers, neither of which can accomplish this.


This guy has the idea I want with different gear.  His Novation Circuit is in perfect sync, because the Novation will respond to the midi start message.


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Disclaimer: I don't own either of the devices you're trying to control, so everything that follows is conjecture based on a quick look at the RC202 manual.


Assuming that CC#80 has been assigned to the RECORD/PLAY function of the RC202:


ICs in CommandCenter follow certain rules.

If SS1 sends a CC#80 + a Value on IC1, IC one will send that CC# in ALL Snapshots, but ONLY if the Value changes.

For example - when the preset loads it also loads SS1 (because SS1 was active when the preset was last saved). CC#80 is sent with the assigned Value (say 0).

SS2 will not resend CC#80 UNLESS the Value is different. Re-selecting SS1 will not resend CC#80 UNLESS the Value in SS2 was different.

That means that If the RC toggles regardless of the Value sent (and a quick look at the manual indicates that this MIGHT be the case), then you're good, because you can send different Values with each Snapshot. BUT....if it requires a SPECIFIC Value, such as 127, to toggle PLAY/STOP, you're screwed.


As to the MMC messages, same applies. Once the PLAY message is sent, no further MMC messages will be sent until a different MMC is sent.


I've attached a demo preset. SS1 sends CC#80 with a Value of 0 and MMC PLAY. This happens as soon as the Preset is loaded. SS2 sends CC#80 with a Value of 127. No MMC message is sent with SS2.


Ideally, this will cause the RC202 to start recording and the Akai to start playing, in sync, when the Preset is loaded, and SS2 will end recording on the RC202 and start playback, with the Akai still in sync.


Let me know if it works!






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