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Hello All,

  I bought a Helix about a month ago and then decided to buy a Variax Standard that was delivered on 9/11/19. I installed the latest versions of Monkey and Workbench on my PC. At first everything was running fine and then Workbench decided it no longer wanted to connect with my Variax. It started giving me the following error. 

Line 6 Monkey says I have all the latest drivers and software versions on my PC. Any help would be appreciated.


"One or more presets failed to load from the guitar 

(Code 8000000a)

Operation timed out.

I also have a Macbook Laptop that I have the same Line 6 software loaded on. I tried it on the Macbook and Workbench ran fine, I had no error and all 60 presets uploaded without a hitch.




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8000000a is a MIDI time out error.

Workbench? Or Workbench HD?

What OS is on your PC?


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