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HX Effects: can the L & R inputs have independent paths and outputs?


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Hey guys and girls!


So I have a question regarding the stereo inputs on specifically the HX Effects.


Is it possible to run a guitar through the left input, and a bass (or vocals, keyboard, etc...) through the right input, and independently add effects to them on their own paths? 


Is it also possible to Merge the path B signal into the path A signal?


I’ve attached a simple diagram showing what I’m trying (and probably failing) to describe! I believe the HX Stomp is capable of this, but just wanted to know if the HX Effects can do it too. 


Thanks in advance!


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Hi, I was also wondering about this. With the Stomp, I am curious as to what the limitations would be playing simultaneously with 2 guitars.

If 1 guitar goes into each of the inputs and out of its own output to separate speakers; If I chose to have a different amp and cab for each guitar, would I be left with much processing power for additional effects? If processing power is likely to be an issue, can some amps effects, etc be shared and others not be? For example both guitars using the same Amp/cab/reverb whist still being outputted to separate speakers? 

Apologies for my complete ignorance, I am speaking to you from the 20th century! My consideration is whether this would be a good set up for teaching.

Thanks in advance for any advise.

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