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Line 6 HX

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ok, I'm still a novice when it come to Line 6 I used to just a a pedal board with plug in straight into amps, with all this new tech just tremendous so I own a HX not the stomp the Helix HX, love it however doesn't have the volume pedal has the plug in for it.  So I've watched the videos sill not working the way you can use it with swells..taking advantage of all the effects it has, I have a duplop pedal however I'm not getting to work I've already have a couple presets can I add a volume pedal to existing presets? don't have creating a new one and I am aware I can download patches of some.  Nothing like creating your own.  Anyone's help is appreciated 

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Yes, you can add a volume pedal to existing presets. Start by adding the volume pedal block where you want it and see if it works from there. 

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