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Amp volume with 4CM method

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Hi every body, 


I'm trying to use my amp (ORANGE TH30) with my HELYX LT (4CM) and I have some trouble:


My tone: I have a chain of blocks,  an FX LOOP block, a pre amp, and another chain of blocks.

- If I want to play with the sound of my TH30, the FX LOOP block is activate, and not the pre amp block : everything is fine.  I can use my TH30 volume knob to have more or less sound.

- If I want to play with another sound: I turn the FX LOOP block off, and the preamp on. BUT: I can't control the volume directly from my amp, only with the volume button of the HELIX. Even with the amp volume button set to '0', I have sound. 


Is this normal? I'm not very familiar with this, I usualy play directcly in the HELIX, with headphones.



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Master volume on most amps is after the FX Loop Return. Your amp appears to have separate Volume controls for each channel, with no overall Master Volume. The manual says that the FX Loop is wired "in series" with the preamp, so I'm going to guess that the Channel Volumes are before the FX Loop. If you can find the schematic that should tell you for sure.

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