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Recorded files dated 1979 and won’t play back

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Hi all.


Recorded files onto a newly formatted SD card on Saturday. The resulting files wouldn’t playback on the M20d so took SD card out and put on MacBook.


itunes wouldn’t play them, but downloaded VLC which played them no trouble.


Does this mean my internal battery needs resetting? If so, how do I do this? Or what else?




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I had a similar issue when I once powered off the mixer while still recording. The files would not play on the M20d or load into Pro Tools; but did play in VLC.


It ended up being corrupt headers in the .wav files data. I was able to copy the header data from other recordings that I had which were LONGER in time than the corrupt files (otherwise it truncates the corrupt.wavs to the length of the wav you took the header from)

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