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can you tell the difference?

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Short question: Can you tell the difference between a (Helix/Firehawk FX) and (Powercab) and between the real amp/cab?

  a) In the room? How much (a little ,a lot, tons, barely)?

  b) In a recording? 


Context: I've realized most of the patches/presets I like using start with Treadplate, ie Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. Not all, but most of my go-to tones. For about the same money (say, $1800), you can get a used Mesa Dual Rectifier and cabinet, or you can get a new Helix and Powercab. Yes, I know there are all the other amps, pedals, etc, but if I'm just using the Mesa Boogie presets, why not just have a real Mesa Boogie amp and cab?


Expanded context: For recording the real amp/cab, of course you need a good mic, placement, DAW, etc, and then it will eventually come out of whatever your end listener is using. So in terms of recording, does using the Helix/Firehawk direct to DAW really sound different to the end user than mic'ing up the real cab?

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