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Workbench HD 2 pickup limit

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Hello all - I apologize if this has been discussed already, I was unable to find anything in a search.


I am wondering if anyone has a workaround to the Workbench HD limitation of having only two pickups on at the same time. I would like to create a model of my main Strat, which has the "gilmour mod," a toggle switch allowing for the neck pickup to be on in positions 1 & 2. Position 1 (neck and bridge) is no problem, but position 2 (all 3 pickups on) isn't possible. Any suggestions? Has anyone opened an enhancement request with Line6 for this?


I would love to model my 3-pickup Les Paul Custom with all 3 pickups on too (a la Peter Frampton)!




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I’m afraid not. I recall owners requesting this since Workbench was first released in 2005. I liken it to L6 receiving requests for a three amp stereo path in a POD built to run two amps at the most. You can try to move two pickup types around in Workbench until the sound is approximated but, alas, the Swiss Army knife philosophy of the Variax means it can’t replace the main guitar(s) of players such as us who utilize unconventional switching.

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