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Powercab plus remote/HX stomp

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Regards to all users.
I am extremely confused ... Can anyone explain to me how to connect my HX Stomp to powercab plus so that I can use the powercab plus remote function?
What cable do I use? and what outputs / inputs do I use on HX and powercab?


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The HX Stomp does not have the necessary L6 Link in order for you to control the Powercab Plus remotely.  You could use Midi as an option, in which case you would need to connect a standard 5 pin midi cable into the PowerCab's midi in, and of course, have a midi controller.  The Stomp can send midi messages, so you could create a program that is passed from the midi controller, into the Stomp, and then from there into the Powercab so that as you cycle through presets it changes the settings on your Powercab.


As for what to use to connect your HX Stomp to the Powercab for the guitar signal, your easiest solution, and the one I would recommend, is to just connect a 1/4 TS cable (i.e. a standard guitar cable) from the HX Stomp's "Output - L/Mono" out to the Powercab's "Input 1."

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