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Looking for that tone... (SAGA content)

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Ian Crichton is a wonderful player... very precise, clean and articulate. The technique he uses is a big part of the tone... it changes with his right hand picking/pinching/muting technique at every turn of the song. 


This ones a pretty simple setup.... 

  • Revv Red is a good starting point.... I just inserted it with the default settings and never changed anything
  • Place a "modulation > plastichorus" before the amp. Leave the default settings but lower the mix to about 30%
  • Place a "delay > simple delay" after the amp. (settings are ballpark... adjust to taste)
    Time - 425ms
    Feedback - 35%
    Mix - 25%
  • Please a "Reverb > Ganymede" at the end of the chain. Default settings with the mix lowered to 25. Again... adjust to taste.

He has some great full tone swells in the song... for that you may want to add a volume pedal just before the delay and reverb... but after the amp. 


I didn't spend much time on it, but I picked up my Les Paul to make sure I had a bridge humbucker and played a few lines... it was darn close with just those settings.


As I say earlier though... for authentic tone you need to pinch/mute a lot of chords and notes... just playing the part is not enough. Pinching add's harmonics that are not possible by gear... and Ian uses it right out of the gate with the opening chords then even more so with the single note lines. 


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