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FBV Express MKII + Spider V 240 MkII

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Dear all,

I've recently buy a Line6 Spider V 240 MkII together with the Line6 FBV Express MKII.

I've installed the FBV control software and connected to the Spider V via USB cable.

I've a couple of questions:

1) Any function that I assign to the FBV using that software isn't maintained.

When I unplug the USB cable, the FBV can only switch 4 preset in the same bank. How can I solve this issue?

2) I've read in this forum that FBV Express MKII doesn't handle loop function. It's true?

Maybe the FBV 3 would've been a better option...



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To use the FBV with the control software, the USB hook up has to be through the FBV not the amp.

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