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Helix floor into Logic Pro monitoring


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I’m a video editor/late-night guitar player who uses an AJA I/O to monitor video & sound.  I just assumed that I could take the USB out of the Helix, go into my iMac, set  Logic’s input to Helix, and set it’s output to the same AJA.  Nope - it’s obviously more than a latency issue; there’s a couple second delay, digital noise, etc.  So far, the only thing Line 6 has told me is to set the output of my computer to the Helix and do my monitoring from there.  Aside from the fact that I got rid of my analog patch bay, I’d like to be able to pick up my guitar while I’m waiting for something to render, and I don’t want to be manually switching plugs every time I do.  And I’d even be willing to get the native version of Helix, but I’m using the built in expression pedal, plus two more, and I don’t see how (or if) Native will allow for that.  Any work-arounds?  

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