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Any Ideas How To Fix This Problem?

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Hey guys


Im using Pod Farm 2.5 with Cubase LE 7. When i listen to the music everything works great, also everything with recording was fine. Some time ago when we tried to record something, some peaks / crackles arrived! We have no clue what is this lollipop. Tested almost everything. Changing buffer size in POD / CUBASE, changing cables, guitars, tested in Garage band - same. Same problem whole the time - ONLY while recording. When we use POD just to play some sound (without cubase) it works as always - great.


Here is link with audio. Anyone knows what is that?



Also my computer setup :


Mac Mini 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 (quad), 16gb Ram 1600MHz DDR, OSX 9 (Maverics). 

Card : Line 6 UX 2.



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I believe the OSX 9.1 update resolved some audio issues. Are you running 9.1?

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