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Advanced headphone monitoring question

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I am running five channels of USB audio into Cubase from Helix. What setting do I set "headphone monitoring" to in order to hear the signal going out to Cubase, rather than the Cubase processed signal?


To add more detail, the five USB channels are all the same guitar line, with a mixture of different cabs, delays, reverbs, and a re-amping signal on line 5.



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I *THINK* I figured it out. You send the "A" path to "Multi" (and that's what you monitor, while "B: path still goes to "USB 3/4" to maintain separation.


The only drawback here is that in order to track five channels separately (with no monitoring latency) you can only monitor two of the tracks as you record, which is not ideal.


Is there a deeper work around for this I may have missed?

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