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Errors When Pasting Presets

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When pasting presets using HX Edit, I keep getting the error:


Failed to paste one or more presets.

Unknown communication error.


When I click OK I get:


Failed to get preset names.

Service is not online. [code -8207]


The Helix then disconnects from HX Edit. On the Helix screen there is a message that states:


Transferring data -- please wait...


Restarting HX Edit doesn't help. I have the restart the Helix floor itself to clear the message. I thoulgt this may be a hardware problem but I have a brand new loaner unit and USB cable. All I did is upgrade the firmware to v2.8.1 and restore my backup. This doesn't happen when I paste presets on the Helix floor, only in HX Edit. It aslon only seems to happen when pasting over existing presents, not new presets. I'm using a Mid-2015 15" MacBook Pro running the latest macOS Mojave version 10.14.6.

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Did you install the latest version of HX Edit when you did the firmware update?

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I was having the same issues, but it was because my Helix was at 2.81 and Edit was 2.80. After I upgraded Edit, everything was fine.

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