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Which would be the better choice to use with an HD500X?


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Both my current amps do not have fx loops. I like my Boss Katana 50, but it lacks that FX loop. Didn't think I'd need one and knew from my Yamaha THR10C that even 50W is overkill. Now regretting not getting the 100, just for the fx loop.


Looking at open air output for my HD500X. My choices are:


A Stage Right 15W 1x12 tube amp:


Or a single or a pair of studio monitors, from a local reseller: Monitors


I know they aren't the same, but I'm looking to open up tone and fx options.


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assuming you intend on "running direct", a pair of studio monitors will be the better choice


1. stereo devices, even if not used for true stereo, are better because it makes sure you are hearing what is meant to be heard

2. studio monitors (allegedly) provide a clean tone with no coloring based on amp, cab, or speaker



plus, studio monitors are multi-purposed. not limited to 'dude, it's a guitar amp'

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Open air means everyone can hear it. IOW, not headphones.

I got $100 on a gift card (will get another $100 in a month or so). A local reseller has a pair of KRK Rokit 6s (oops, make that Rokit 5s) for $250 on their shelf. I could get those and still keep the Katana 50. They also have a Katana 100 212 for $350 and I could use the 4CM method (and sell the K50 and all the other guitar gear I don't/wouldn't use).


Looking for performance for price.

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i am still voting for the studio pair 


but you've mucked up the waters by saying "everyone can hear", because now we don't know if this is a way to hear yourself or if you are playing something like a "house party" where people are hearing you instead of a real gig where they are hearing a pa.




the truth is, these machines have amp and cab tones built in. the single best thing any user can do is not use something that is going to provide an amp and cab tone. 


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