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HD500 L6 Link to DT50 + Mono XLR OUt = Stereo ?

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Hello dear line6 community,


I would like to know if is there any setting in the pod to get true stereo mainly for ping pong and stereo delays using pod HD 500 x over l6 link to DT50 in conjunction to an active speaker using xlr out.

using the global Eq I managed to make the same presets sound good over both L6 DT50 and my active speaker ( I used the internal eq of the active speaker as well to get a good result). The next step is to be able to get left / right separated ...don't really care about dual amp ..what I'm really concerned with is stereo effects. 

any tips?

thank you in advance.


edit: sorry for  capitalizing all the title, just edited it

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I did it once upon a time with my HD500 going line6 link panned to left, and 1/4 out panned right going to the effects return on a peavey classic 30.  It sounded pretty cool.  I got nice stereo effects.


But I never repeated the experiment, and now I'm using Helix with 2 Headrush FRFR12 and my DT25.


I think it's very doable.

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