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Question on IR and my set up.


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I’ve been looking for a great sound. I just purchased the Helix LT last week.  I’m just learning about how to use it.  I’ve gotten as far as actually downloading a nice Ownhammer path with two really nice sounds and I used some Youtube settings go grab a certain sound. 


My question is I added an IR to an already suggested setup.  I then set the current cab on bypass. First question:   Can I run an Ir and a Can at same time without issues?


Secondly:  Can you make one of your foot switches be able to control the IR being on and off much like the how the cab works to flip

between the cab(speakers) and the IR?   


Theres a chance I’m misunderstanding the process, so I’m open to hearing help. Please. Pictured is the current set up. However I did move the IR up to the top line since the pic not that it will make a difference.  You’ll see the Uber cab and I’m using this 


Metal Chunk


Input -48 decay 10 ms

distortion Scream 808 gain 0 tone 7 level 10

noise gate -41 decay 10 ms

Amp Line 6 Badonk Drive 6.3 Bass 2.9 Mid 4.9 Treble 5.6 Presence 8 Channel volume 7.5 Master 5 —Depth .3 Sag 2 Bias 5 Bias x 5.5

IR Ownhammer OH412MRBWGNRSP2-04 Low cur 80 htz High cut 11 KHTz 

Reverb Legacy Room Decay 4.5

Delay 11 ms Low Cut 117 High cut 3.7k mix 20%

4 x 12 Uber V30 Cab



Ps. I’ve searched for a room delay(not hall). None listed 


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