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Dual path L6 Link and mixer out

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Posted this over at the DT amps area but it probably belongs here...

Hi all. Finally bit the bullet on a Helix LT. Only had it for a day and I'm trying to figure something out. I will use it over L6 Link to the DT25 so I will use pre-amp blocks rather than amp or amp and cab. Can I somehow split my output so I can set it up like this:


Path one - Helix pre amp - DT25 via L6 Link.

Path two - the signal from path one sent to Helix cab or IR to XLR out, FX send or 1/4" out to take a signal to a PA mixer.


Ideally I would want to do this so I hear my signal through the DT25 (using the DT25 power amp and cab) but my audience hear the signal with a cab or IR modelled in through the PA.


I think this works with the path one output set to multi and then taking 1/4" out into 'return 1' using a patch cable and setting up path 2 to take 'return1', add the cab /IR and go out to send 2 and taking that send 2 to the PA mixer input. But is there a simpler way?


I could just use the DI out on the back of the DT25 to go to the PA mixer but it would be nice to use IRs or cab and mic modelling of I could.


Any thoughts my esteemed friends?




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I have a 500x so sorry if it's not the same but I create two similar signal paths, one with pre and one with full amp. L6 link to DT25 and left out of pod to pa.


Tweak sounds as you like and voila...

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