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Daw crashes

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So. Im at the end of my wits with my daw crashing at home. I have 2 computers at home and 1 in the studio. 


home pc. win 7 32bit. 2gb ddr2 ram. P4 2.8ghz

home laptop. Win 7 32bit 2gb ram celeron 1.6ghz ??

studio laptop  win 7 64bit 8gb ram 2.4 ghz Pentium something or other.


The stuff i have at home wont even look at the helix drivers, it crashes instantly. I have to use asio4all to even get a few minutes playing around with it before i get a bsod.

"IRQL_......ect ect"

Every time it crashes it mentions



As i type this its just did a new trick , its now crashed an mention a page error , whatever that is.


But that could be unrelated i dont know.


The main issue is the irql driver ks.sys bsod.

It usually happens when i select inputs for a track ie usb 3,4,5,6,7,8 .

Or stopping playing saving. 

Also when tweaking buffer sizes.

As i said the helix drivers dont even allow the daw to open before crashing. 


The laptop at the studio however runs 10 ins from a tascam usb interface and plays nice with the helix drivers.

Zero issues 


2 things i know. 32 bit os at home 64 at the studio

And then there's 4 times the ram at the studio.

Im not pushing the pcs at home im just trying to mess around with 3 or 4 audio tracks to practice reamping so i know what im doing. So far ive reinstalled win 7 twice and went deep into the running services to tweak win7 for performance (i had the issues beforehand)

Disabled all extra ports

Disabled everything not needed 

Updated the bios so i could disable the onboard audio.

Im stumped


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2G RAM sounds pretty low to me. Also, are these older systems? Those processors you listed seem like they might be pretty old ones. 

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I know you don't want to hear this.

The truth sometimes hurts.

But here goes....

Your tech is ancient. Donate it to some charitable org. You can't even sell it for a price worth the time it would take to list it on Craigslist.

Your functional studio machine is one generation of OS/apps from joining the other two.


For modern music production:

MINIMUM processor i5 - preferably i7.

MINIMUM memory 16gb.

Solid State on board OS HD - MINIMUM size 258gb.

External mechanical HD (for storing recordings/samples etc) 1TB 7200rpm

Windows 10 OPTIMIZED for audio production (google it), and keep it updated, but ALWAYS set restore points so you can roll back the OS if MS Update hoses something.

If any of the above sounds like geek-speak, study up!


Again, sorry if my advice sounds harsh, but you're wasting your time on those ancient systems. You're better off transporting your working studio laptop back and forth between home and studio until you can afford to update your home system, or better yet, get one modern system for the studio and use your present studio laptop for your minimal home needs.

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I get you man


Turns out the laptop in the studio is a i5 540m

Don't know where i got core duo from.?


I looked it up on cpu benchmark  andd its just under 500 percent better.


Hahaha five.....hundred percent. 


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My "office" laptop is an 8gb/256gb ssd/i5-2410m. I occasionally run Native on Reaper for practicing with backing tracks, and it BARELY manages 128spls without crackles. That's 20ms RT latency, which is nearly unusable. I usually use my HX Stomp with this setup.


Works great for email though.......


My "studio" laptop is a 16gb/500gb ssd-/i7-7500U. I run Native alongside multiple synth and drum sims, but still only get crackle free performance with 128spls, albeit with 12ms RT latency. I can get down to 64 spls and 7ms if all I'm running is Native or a single synth, but what fun is that? Fortunately I keep my HX Floor in the studio so not a problem.


Indeed, this is NOT a cheap hobby!


I just need to win the lottery so I can trade my Alesis eDrums for a top end Roland set, and get a high end hardware synth.......I CAN....I WILL....keep on dreaming......

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