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Logic - Problem with Extreme Latency

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Can anyone help with a Helix / Logic problem?


I'm getting extreme latency using Helix.  If I create a new project and a new track, everything is fine at first, but then for no reason the audio is delayed for several seconds.


Computer is running OSX 10.14.6.  Helix is running 2.82, which I installed following the instructed order.  Helix is using USB 1/2.  The Logic audio input device is "HELIX Audio" (the output device is another interface).  The delay is visible in the input meter, so presumably it's not a monitoring delay due to my other interface.  This happens in different presets.


Thanks for any help!

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On 9/29/2019 at 10:08 PM, velaramon said:

I'm getting extreme latency using Helix.




Just seen your post  about "extereme latency". I have to say that is not some something that I have ever a problem with a with and I have been using my Helix Floor unit to record with since late 2015. I'm using the Helix for both USB input and output and I don't detect any latency because Helix is essential suppliying harware monitoring. I also take a DI dry guitar signal from USB 7 which then allows me to re-amp the track if I wish.


What seems to be strange to me is, even thought you are using a second device for audio out, you say detect the delay from the Helix before it hits the input meters in Logic. That's really odd. I could understand this happening if it was due to the audio being monitored from the audio out on the second device. I cant understand why you simply don't remove the second interface and try Helix as a straight in and out option. If you don't detect that percieved latency you mention then obviously the issue is elsewhere. You probably have a very good reason to have a second audio interface patched in but I think that is simply making things too complicated.


Having typed all this, I have only now realised that you stated "The Logic audio input device is HELIX Audio" and the output device is another intreface". I understand from that statement that you did not create an "Aggregate Device" using the Apple Audio MIDI Setup which would allow you to combine the Helix 8in 8out USB audio with whatever ins and outs your other device has available. This could be where things are getting screwed up.


I repeat - First simply try hooking up the Helix on it's own to determine if that is a problem. If that works (and it should) then you need to delve deeper and check out the second device.


It would be a help to know what the "other device" is and what advantages do you think it will give you by having it patched in. You obviously think it's necessary.

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Thanks for the response!


I will try the aggregate device idea, and if that doesn't work I'll remove the other interface to test things.  I'm new to all this so the advice is helpful.


The reason for using two interfaces is that it's easier to have a dedicated interface for playback because the Helix gets moved around, is not always on, etc.

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