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DT25/50 Grill Cloth & Tolex Replacement

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Hi. Long-time dream rig owner first time posting. I've searched through endless pages of knowledge base and forums and have found no information. I am building a custom (matching as close as possible) 1x12 closed back cabinet to match my dt50 1x12 combo. Where would I find exact replacement grill cloth and tolex/vinyl covering ?

Thanks in advance.


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I don't know the answer but am in a similar boat. JTV-69, HD500x, DT50 and my DT50 is really showing its been on the road. Both grill and tolex have rips and tears. Now that I'm home it would be nice to be able to make it look new again. I'm considering swapping out my LINE 6 logo on the DT50 for a Bogner logo, too, while I'm at it, because I'm just that kind of cheeky bastard

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