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New YouTube channel


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Hi guys! Hope everyone it’s fine! My name is André, i’m a producer and guitar player that loves gear specially my Helix!! 

So, I just create my YouTube channel where I am making demos/comparison between a lot of gear and specially between real amps and Helix! My main goal it’s to provide you the best tones I can get with all the gear I can get my hands on and share with all of you! :)

I will make a lot of demos with Helix too and I will give all the presets for free.

Go check it and if you like, subscribe! I am currently uploading at least two videos a week, that’s a lot of work, so I really aprecia-te if you can help me growing this channel by subscribing and sharing the content if like.

hope to see all there!!




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On 10/4/2019 at 12:29 PM, cgar18 said:

I love my seymore duncan but i kind of like the friedman sound also,good video.

Oh, thanks bro! I really need to hear the sound of the cab... that’s why I bought it.:)

This next week will be more Helix content!! This one will be really cool!

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