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XD-V75 Receiver LCD Icons

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During a recent show we had two mics occasionally dropout. The other two were extremely stable.

All four receivers are rack mounted together. We believed all settings are set the same but noticed the two stable receivers had a T and square box in the top right of the LCD screen while active.

I see no reference to this in the manual except for when channel scanning - indicating XD-V70-class transmitter already on and using that channel (or other Line 6 wireless systems operating in RF1 mode)


We did the usual checks for antenna placement, connector wiring etc. It is just the icons which we are unsure about.


Thank you

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From the XD-V75 Pilot's Guide page 13, see the last line: 



If an XD-V75 unit is being added to a setup that already includes any devices running in RF1 mode, the XD-V75 can be used to update the older devices to run RF2 mode by using an internet-connected computer attached to the XD-V75’s USB port. See the Firmware Updating Procedure section for more information. Alternatively, the XD-V75 transmitters can be setup to operate in RF1 mode if it is necessary to use the transmitters with older Line 6 receivers. To set the THH12 or TBP12 transmitters into the RF1 mode, enter Setup mode to display the current channel, then while holding down the SELECT button press and release the ON/MUTE button on the THH12 or VALUE button on the TBP12. The display will briefly show [XD-V75 RF1] or [XD-V75 RF2] to indicate whether it is operating in the old or new mode, respectively. This setting is retained when powering off, so as a reminder the display will also show this indication [RF1 or RF2] each time power is turned on. The XD-V75 receiver will display a [To] on the far right of the display to indicate while communicating with a RF1 software transmitter.



The square might be just an "o"  (oh).  


I also found on page 22: 



During the operation of the system, if the receiver is receiving a signal from a transmitter that is encrypted, and the matching code has been stored, a lower-case letter c will appear on the upper right corner of the display. If the correct code is not in the receiver, or encryption has been turned off at the receiver, the display will read [BLOCKED]. Audio cannot be received until the code has been entered into the receiver, or a new code has been generated at the transmitter and transferred to the receiver.



Hope this helps,



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Thanks Steve,

I read the section in the pilots guide but got somewhat confused - another re-read is probably required.

You may be correct about the (oh) - my eyes aint what they used to be.


We are going to set the system up elsewhere and have a good check of everything.


Thanks again

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The "T" and a square on the receiver simply indicates that the corresponding transmitter is set to RF1 mode. The absence of that symbol means that it's operating in RF2 mode. I think the introduction of RF2 mode came a bit too late to be properly included in the manual, although there's usually a big sticker with some details on the outside of the bag containing the paperwork.


The reason you experienced problems is that you can't mix & match modes - all mics have to be in either RF1 mode (for solid reliability) or RF2 mode (if you need to leave space for a specific WiFi channel).


That fact that it was only the two RF2 mics that you experienced problems with is actually quite a good demonstration of the different levels of resilience to interference that the two modes offer.

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