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FYI: Helix and DT25/50 Power Section Control

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FYI re: Helix and control of DT25/50:  (as of Helix FW 2.82 and HX Edit 2.82)


If L6 Link is connected, the DT25 disregards MIDI commands to the power section (Topology, Power Amp, Tube Config). This means the legacy Helix template preset 'DT25-DT50 Remote', which is programmed to offer footswitch commanding of the DT power section (via MIDI messages) *will not work* when the L6 Link is connected.  So, be aware!


You can, however, save 8 different power section setups (Topology, Power Amp, Tube Config) in Snapshots and recall them from the Helix over the L6 Link.

You cannot (per my experimentation) command the DT25 power section via footswitch buttons (over L6 Link). Unlike most other parameters, the Helix won't let you assign these to a footswitch.


In summary, using L6 Link, you *can* set up your Helix to give you DT25 power section variations at your feet, and that is (must be) done via Snapshots.


This info was confirmed by both experimentation and consultation with Line 6 Support.  Now you know (if you didn't already)!

Since there are 8 Snapshots, but 16 possible combinations of Topology, Power Amp, Tube Config


Topology     (x4)   Tight, Loose, ZNF, Resonance  (I-IV)
Power Amp    (x2)   A or AB
Tube Config  (x2)   Triode or Pentode


you won't be able to  put every possible combination into a single preset.


Attached are 4 preset files


DT25 cA 01.hlx          8 Snapshots of Class A setups, varying Topology and Tube Config
DT25 cAB 01.hlx        8 Snapshots of Class AB setups, varying Topology and Tube Config
DT25a cTri 01.hlx      8 Snapshots of Triode setups, varying Topology and Power Amp
DT25a cPen 01.hlx    8 Snapshots of Pentode setups, varying Topology and Power Amp






DT25a cPen 01.hlx

DT25a cTri 01.hlx

DT25 cAB 01.hlx

DT25 cA 01.hlx

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